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We are conveniently located near downtown Saranac Lake.  Our office is located between Fortune Funeral Home and the Wellness Clinic on Church Street in the building of Family Smiles.  

The most obvious benefit of teeth whitening is having an improved, whiter and brighter smile, which enhances your appearance. However, in addition to the aesthetic results with teeth whitening in just 40 minutes or less, another benefit is: Increased self-confidence.  

Brighten Your Teeth & Rejuvenate Your Smile!
Teeth can become dark or stained over time. This is due to many different factors, including certain medications, foods, beverages such as coffee, tea or cola, smoking and the natural aging process. A simple, fast and minimally invasive way to bring the brightness back into your smile is with teeth whitening. Whiter teeth enhance your smile and can boost your confidence. We provide in-house and at-home whitening systems. We have chosen the treatments we use carefully, making sure these brands of tooth whitening systems do not cause sensitivity and are comfortable for our clients. Both the in-house and at-home treatment methods are very effective at brightening up your smile.

Why use our Teeth Whitening?

There are quite a few advantages our teeth whitening has over the over-the-counter whitening systems.

If you are interested in teeth whitening, please call or book an appointment online. 


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How does it work?

This teeth whitening machine provides a longer lasting whitening because it penetrates deep within the middle of the tooth, the dentin, to bleach the stains clear giving the white appearance of the tooth. The BB-Cool Advanced III is 20 watts of power. The more power behind the light, the better the result. This elite equipment combined with Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide products, produces the best possible teeth whitening on the market.

Why BB-Cool Advanced III Teeth Whitening Lamp?

  • Sturdy design produced in Taiwan 

  • 360° rotatable, arc-shaped lighting zone allows complete full-mouth
    whitening in the smile zone

  • Various preset modes allows for easy customization

  • Ergonomic design with a tension arm for easy positioning

  • LCD display includes a self timer to track the whitening process for your customer

Remineralizing and enamel boosting gels

After whitening your teeth, you will want to protect and maintain them, right? We have specially formulated remineralizing and enamel-boosting gels to strengthen your teeth, protect against new stains, and improve your overall oral health. Our bluminerals™ formula seals the pores of your teeth to lock out stains and alleviate sensitivity, if you should happen to experience any, after you whiten your teeth with our L.E.D. Teeth Whitening Kits.

You can also boost enamel strength and prevent stains by regularly using our StarBright Dual Action Pen. Whiten with one end of the pen and then boost enamel and protect against new stains with the other.

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16 Church Street Saranac Lake, NY 12983

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